"With a sharp, tender eye for life’s beauty and brutality, K.D. Harryman’s Girls’ Book of Knots, is an instruction manual on how to survive the tightly knotted world of girlhood."

—VANDANA KHANNA, author of Burning Like Her Own Planet

"One of the most complete, compelling books I’ve read in a long time."

—JIM DANIELS author of Gun/Shy

"Karen Harryman's poems are like the paintings of an artist who has fought her way back through hip sophistication and cynicism to a place where--without pretentious claim to outisder or naïve art--she has regained the ability to see and paint like a gifted child."

—JEFFRY SKINNER, author of Salt Water Amnesia

"...we encounter moments of wisdom and insight, the small epiphanies derived from love and loss, grief and celebration, dreams and nightmares, curses and blessings, gratitude and despair..."


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